Using Bondaweb

Bondaweb is a heat sensitive glue that helps hold down shaped pieces of fabric hence avoiding the need for fiddly pins and helps to prevent the fabrics fraying – making it easier to create beautiful compositions and pictures….here’s how to use it.

  1. Cut a piece of bondaweb fractionally bigger than you need.
  2. If you have a specific design you could trace it onto the the smooth side of the bondaweb – remember if its lettering or directionally important then reverse the image first!
  3. With baking paper on an ironing board, lay the bondaweb, rough side down onto the back of the fabric.  It helps if the piece of fabric is a little larger than the bondaweb then the glue doesn’t make everything sticky when you use the iron.  Put another piece of baking parchment over the top of the bondaweb and iron well to fix the bondaweb to the cloth.
  4. Cut out your design – either follow the lines you have already drawn or ‘go free – style’!!
  5. Remove the white backing paper from the bondaweb and position your cut out fabric piece ‘glue’ side down [the glued side will feel smooth or waxy] onto your chosen base fabric.
  6. Place baking paper over the design and iron to fix the cut out design into place.

If you intend to wash the piece or think it will have some wear and tear, its a good idea to use free machine stitching to permanently secure the appliqué design in place 🙂




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