Try a few of these appliqué bag ideas…

how-to-make-a-drawstring-backpack  So cute – a great pump bag for school gym kit – appliqué your design onto the fabric before you sew the bag shape – create a tube that you can thread the straps through and then attached them to the bottom corners of the bag.

7b425c5a044b1ba2bc3ef31588907045  Go to town with this colourful shopper: position your appliqué fabric shapes, ensure they are in the right position before you iron them down.
Use free machine embroidery to secure the cloth – hand stitched buttons are a bonus!

e79e5d3ad19acb62ba6d51c99ea1849e  Ideal fro the beach – simple shapes create beach huts and a soft length of rope makes and handy handle!  You can buy this pattern here or create your own unique version!

Here are a few ideas for creative cushion covers using Appliqué…

patchwork4    Appliquéd leaves on a plain background : use bondaweb to hold the leaves in place then add details with Free Machine Embroidery.

If you have an existing cushion inner you can take measurements from this and add 2 to 3 cm as a seam allowance.

Consider using an ‘envelope’ design to avoid the need for a zip

54c9398e563f0_-_0510-warner-10-white-circle-fabric-felt-de   Here applique circles are used to good effect its simple white on white patterns giving classic texture: use on the front of a cushion.

34e897cba0b9a04ec26ab1d9565acdef    Using bondaweb apply a design in a pretty printed fabric onto a tweed or other plain background cloth.  Carefully stitch around the edges with free machine embroidery to hold the design in place if you intend to wash it.

il_570xN.321393024  Simple leave shapes in differing yellow patterned fabrics – each shape is held inlace with bondaweb and then free machine embroidery provides the stem and additional details.  You can position the leaves and make sure you have them laid out as you want them before you commit with an iron!

ff1406965489b612aced4ce50e395c40  A good way to use up lots of small scraps of fabric is to  make a ‘bunting’ cushion.  Iron down a row of fabric triangles and hold down with lines of straight stitch or free machine embroidery.


It would be great if you could share some of your own appliqué projects…