Green Howards Museum

Stitched Together is working in conjunction with The Green Howards Museum in Richmond to develop a collection of textile craft work based on their collection.

At The Green Howards Museum we tell the 300 year story of this illustrious regiment using our unique collection of military objects and intensely personal items.

There are more than 35,000 objects in the collection.  We’d love to have them all on show, but it would be quite overwhelming, and we’d need a bigger museum!

Our permanent exhibition charts the history of The Green Howards, also known as The 19th Regiment of Foot, The Alexandra Princess of Wales’s Own Yorkshire Regiment, during the period 1688 to 2006.  Our flexible space means we can regularly change the objects on show, and work with other organisations and community groups  to create special exhibitions; bringing the work of the museum, and the treasures we hold, to an ever wider audience.

It’s really important to us that the objects we show help tell the human story of the people connected to the regiment, and that they are explained within the context of their time.

We have …

  • more than 200 uniforms of regular, militia, volunteer and territorial battalions including head dress and personal equipment dating from 1798
  • almost 4000 medals, including 15 Victoria Crosses and three George Crosses
  • a collection of regular, militia and volunteer badges, buckles and gorgets dating from 1750
  • an array of weaponry including revolvers, rifles, machine guns, swords, daggers, bayonets and pikes
  • artwork including oil paintings, watercolours and prints
  • regimental silver and furniture
  • historical and personal documents, photographs, military memorabilia and personal equipment.

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